Uruguayan-Swiss contemporary artist known for his colourful paintings and ability to master the light and transparency in his works, based on the observation of nature and on the juxtaposition of images (paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, installations and photographs).
"For several years Daniel Ybarra has devoted his work to transposing the play of light into a language that intimately combines plastic and photographic processes. The capture of these luminous moments results initially from the observation of nature, in particular that of the garden: trees with thick foliage, floral carpets, grass, stumps and earth, aquatic iridescences. But far from mimetically transcribing the image of the vegetation or the elements crossed by the solar rays and in particular their chromatic range, the artist deconstructs the order of physiological optics to substitute a visual grid obeying personal coordinates. Also within his compositions his imagination rearranges nature, recuts reality, makes it undergo a treatment of dilation, a process at the end of which composition, colors and signs acquire a new readability, without, strictly speaking, the intrinsic nature of this real has changed."
- Françoise-Hélène Brou, April 2002, extract from the text "lumières liminaires", translated from French