The expansive skies in my work invite viewers to mentally place themselves within the setting of the painting.

My work explores architectural landscapes through an atmospheric and cinematic lens. Through painting, I create interpretive renderings of recognizable locations that reflect on the human experience. I believe there is power in the emotional connection to a place. 


My work oscillates between representing a physical setting and the idealized memory of a place. I look to film as an inspiration for my work, admiring the framing, color, and atmosphere which all convey a visceral experience for the viewer. I find inspiration in the cinematography of John Alcott, Sofia Coppola, Hoyte Von Hoytema, and Wes Anderson.


Travel is also a resource for my work. I source the images that influence my paintings from my many plane rides, road trips, and hikes up to overlooks. My continued collection of archived photographs is used as the blueprint for my creative process. As I work, I refer back to the photographs as a guideline, but also allow the painting to go on its journey.


Throughout the painting process, I’m omitting, editing, and rendering, resulting in the work becoming a veiled version of the original inspiration source. The expansive skies in my work invite viewers to mentally place themselves within thesetting of the painting. The familiar symbols that I reference, such as signage commonly seen along a highway, often spark memories for the viewer’s familiarity with a location.


My landscape paintings expand on this by setting an idealized scene sparking a personal sense of connection and familiarity. Devoid of human activity within their compositions, my paintings allow space for the viewer to engage in a moment of personal reflection and solitude.